We eat lunch together everyday at Sub Urban.
It’s a very important part of our culture.
We get to know each other better, share frustrations, get ideas off each other and most importantly have a laugh.
We often have guests come over for a Sub Urban-style lunch – which means BYO lunch, a smile and leave formal professionalism at the door.

Today Minister Jacqui Dean and MP Brett Hudson came for lunch. Brett was giving Jacqui a grand tour of businesses in the Northern Suburbs – and being that Sub Urban is a workplace for a whole bunch of local businesses it was a good place to stop for lunch!

Over lunch Jacqui and Brett listened actively and asked thoughtful questions. They learnt about issues effecting residential property managers, what it’s like to be a fiction writer, making ends meet as an outsourced salesperson, life as a remote worker and whole bunch of other stories that illustrated why it is so important to be part of a local workplace when you work alone.

We talked about how Sub Urbans’ mission is to create a network of locally-run workplaces that reflect the wonderful diversity of activity, and people that work for, and in, our suburbs. This diversity makes Sub Urban very special and creates collaboration that benefits both business and community.

Government can play a key role in supporting the growth of Sub Urban by enabling their staff to work locally at our co-working spaces. Imagine the amazing learning and collaboration that could happen! We hope to see this type of partnership happening in the near future.

Thanks so much Jacqui and Brett. We hope to see you again at Sub Urban some time soon.

​Kathleen from Sub Urban