At SubUrban Co-Working we are committed to providing quality interning experiences. We see this as a key part of our mission  to create diverse and innovative local workplaces. Currently we have two interns; Jocelyn a graphic designer from Chile; and Ze from Indonesia, who is finishing his Business Degree at Whitiriea.

Both Ze and Jocelyn have really pushed themselves to get the most out of their work experience. As well as our navigating through our kiwi working culture they have been thrown in at the deep end helping out with the move to our much larger co-working space. They have been consistently hardworking, positive and “can do”.  It has been a delight to work with them.
One of the biggest challenges to working in New Zealand for people with English as a second language is the written word. Who knew that there were so many ways that we write depending on who the audience is!

This post is an opportunity for our interns to tell a bit of their story through blogging..

It’s been an interesting week here at SubUrban. Every day is learning opportunity! 

Today I have been catching up with Kathleen about what’s been happening in our office. One thing for sure,  our new office looks fabulous –  although we still need to do some work to make it more homely rather than just being an office – (that’s the purpose of SubUrban)

The upcoming week is going to be busy. It is Co-Working Day around New Zealand and we are going to hold a launch party and open day. We will be welcoming new people who want to come and have a tour of our new office.

We talk a lot about marketing strategy at SubUrban. Me, Kathleen, and Jocelyn have been working on new ideas to develop get our new office to be recognised in Johnsonville area. Such as, working on advertisement boards around the office, designing our new business card, and updating the SubUrban website.  We faced problems around this thing a lot, but we always came up with some sort of solution after some brainstorming and couple of cups of coffee. 
Working in New Zealand organisations made me realize, problems are much easier to solve by sharing them in a group meeting, and bouncing some ideas around at the same time. It save lots of time, and we explore hidden solutions that an organisation may never think of before.

That’s all from me, and my experience in SubUrban, I hope I can write more stories in the future. In the meantime, time to go back to work 🙂

Ze from SubUrban 

NB Jocelyn writes about her experience at Start Up Weekend in this blog post.

​Kathleen from SubUrban