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IP and Trademarking Meetup with Henry Hughes Ltd

Many thanks to David Nowak and David Moore for a really interesting Meetup today on Intellectual Property, patents and trademarking. There were loads of questions from attendees and both David's have offered a free 1/2 hour consultation if anyone has anymore questions...

Our skilled migrant graduates

Heres an opportunity you don’t get everyday When I received an email from Claudia Gonzalez from the Johnson group that said "Here is an opportunity you don’t get every day - the chance to be involved in something that will really make a difference to a...

Enterprising collaborations in the ‘burbs

One of our key principles here at SubUrban is to bring community and business closer together by facilitating innovative local collaborations. In plain english this means finding local business people that are passionate about building economically...

I went to Startup Weekend Wellington 2017!

It was an amazing opportunity to participate in the Startup Weekend Wellington and be part of an amazing team, people from all over the place with lots of energy, amazing ideas, good skills and most importantly we all enjoyed and had fun in 54 hours!...

Being an intern at SubUrban Co-working

At SubUrban Co-Working we are committed to providing quality interning experiences. We see this as a key part of our mission  to create diverse and innovative local workplaces. Currently we have two interns; Jocelyn a graphic designer from Chile; and...


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