About Us

There is a missing piece in the puzzle to creating sustainable communities as we look to meeting the challenges of the future of work. WHERE should we work?

Our mission at SubUrban is to redefine the suburbs as places where people can live AND work.  Turning commuter suburbs into vibrant working villages.

We do this by

  1. creating locally-run co-working spaces where people can work, meet, learn and belong to
  2. being the “go to place” for grassroots economic development that kickstarts collaborative projects driven by the needs of the local community

Our values are: Compassion, Inclusivity, Collaboration and Integrity

SubUrban Co-Working was established in 2015 by 5 people from the northern suburbs of Wellington – Bice Awan (absent from this photo), Diana Dallas, Kathleen Wright, Reed Wade and Charmaine Meyers.

SubUrban is a not-for-profit social enterprise with all profits going towards our community development projects.  


 Level 1, 2 Johnsonville Road

Johnsonville, Wellington 6037




027 349-0730