What is SubUrban?

Whether you are a small business owner, contractor or remote worker SubUrban provides you with a great place to work, a sense of motivation and belonging, and lots of opportunities to learn and grow your business and connect with your local community

  • If you need a place to work we offer co-working (shared open plan office)
  • If you need a professional, distraction free place to meet we offer meeting rooms
  • If you need to run an event or training session or promote your business/organisation we offer Venue hire
  • If you would like to network with other local business people join our Meetup.

SubUrban celebrates the wonderful diversity we have in our suburbs and encourages people of all ages, industries and cultures to become members.

SubUrban is a social enterprise.   All profits go to supporting our mission of becoming a catalyst that creates innovative collaborative enterprising suburban communities.  Through providing a home for locally based enterprise and remote workers we will reduce isolation and build stronger and more resilient communities.

SubUrban has initiated  a number of community based projects. Keep up to date with these through our  Facebook page.

If you have any queries please contact us at contact@suburban.org.nz or ph. 027-349-0730.

Why SubUrban


SubUrban was created by 5 people from the Northern Suburbs of Wellington in early 2015.

We saw how people were choosing more and more to work from their homes on small businesses, and employers were seeing the value of remote working. 

The internet had given a lot of suburbanites the freedom to live local and work local.

We knew that people were doing amazing things in our suburbs, and were working on cool inspiring projects. But where were they? and what was it like working alone from home?

Our research found that there were thousands of people with home as their workplace and a lot of them they were finding the shift to working alone isolating and de-motivating. They wanted to connect with others, have separation from work and home and be part of a local enterprise community.  Some people were also keen to support others and contribute to the wider suburban community.

We founded SubUrban to create local places for suburban people to work, connect with each other and learn – and to celebrate the wonderful diversity of people, and enterprise that is happening in our suburbs. 

We wanted to create and enable vibrant enterprising communities from these isolated workers and through this build local resilience that was proudly suburban.

Want to know more? 


Level 1, 2 Johnsonville Road,

Johnsonville, Wellington 603



027 349-0730


 Level 1, 2 Johnsonville Road

Johnsonville, Wellington 6037




027 349-0730