Edgar Moore works for Connect Security Products which is an importer and distributor of products for the electronic security industry. Edgar and his colleagues Craig have been working temporarily with us here at SubUrban while they find a space of their own. It’s been a delight to welcome them as part of our team. And we will be sorry to see them go…

KW: So Edgar, what was your office set up like before moving into SubUrban?

EM: Our previous office was located in Ngauranga Gorge where Craig McCarthy and I based ourselves. This was a warehouse / showroom / office affair where customers visited to pick up items for projects; attending training seminars, product demonstrations etc. Our office is typically quite a busy environment and often noisy … good noise though!

KW: You’re not the usual “previously working  from home” type co-worker. What got you thinking about co-working?

EM:In August we became homeless, cast aside for the prospect of a bigger paying tenant (who subsequently balked on their contract so suck eggs on that!).

While we went on the hunt for a new place to call home we survived in the gutter, off scraps that people cast down to us. Then one day Kathleen took pity on the disheveled lads and invited us into SubUrban!

We needed a place to stay for a few months, there were two empty desks smack bang in the middle where our noise could be shared and enjoyed by everyone … and our boss was sick of our whining! Eureka!

KW: Co-working is new to you. What was the experience at SubUrban J’ville like?

Johnsonville was very convenient to both of us, living on Kapiti Coast. Easy to get to, central for customers to visit if they wanted a meeting, lots of shops around. And the office is a chill place to work from (as long as we don’t use the F-bombs or the S-bombs on our phone calls – yes sorry for those first few weeks of adjustment). So for that part it works very well. And of course the people are AWESOME!

We now have a new crib to move to towards the end of November so will be saying our farewells. Thanks to Kathleen and all the team for making us welcome and feel like we’ve always been here! SubUrban is a great setup with lots of like minded city dwellers sharing and caring … you will be recommended!


Thanks Edgar 🙂 We will miss you!


Kathleen from SubUrban