SubUrban Projects

We activate enterprise projects that benefit the community

SubUrban Garden Project

More than just a great place to work and hang out. The SubUrban indoor garden is being used as education space for children to learn how to sew, plant and grow vegetables.


 Johnsonville Pippins

 Sponsors SubUrban Co-Workers and Homes and Properties

Onlsow College Business Connect

We provide real life learning opportunities for Year 13 students studying through the Young Enterprise Scheme.  We assess their business ideas and provide feedback, connect them with relevant  local businesses to develop their ideas further,  enbale them to attend SubUrban business networking events and give the opportunity to pitch their business idea to a group of supportive and knowledgeable people.


Onlsow College and local business people

Sponsor Private Box     

SubUrban Internships

We help support people into work by providing quality supportive internships. This includes work experience in design, project management, event management and administrative processes.


Whitireia College and the Skilled Migrant Programme.

Green Energy

Sustainable locally sourced energy is a very important part of growing resilient suburbs. Our solar panel array reduces our dependency on the grid and is also an opportunity to encourage conversation around  solar power. This is a live feed of how much power our array is currently producing.


 Greenco Solutions

SubUrban Social Enterprise Scholarship

Our Scholarship provides a local person who wants to kickstart a social enterprise with mentoring, business and community networks and co-working within our supportive enterprise community. Email if you are interested.