Many believe that moms who work from home get the best of both worlds. They are able to financially support their families and be there for their children. What most don’t consider is that you now have to juggle your daily routine as a parent with your work related responsibilities. Imagine your typical conversation when you have a friend or relative visiting or were on the phone. Most parents can relate to the constant disruptions in their conversations, often loosing train of thought after telling you child not to do this or that. It is important to keep your children engaged in activities that will help you be able to focus on your work.

Key Takeaways:

  • Telecommuting is ideal for mothers who want or need to earn an income and still be present for their children.
  • Working from home can involve logging on early in the morning and shutting down well after work hours, in order to prove that you are committed to doing the best job possible.
  • The reality of working from home for mothers is that you are often juggling household responsibilities like getting your kids off to school with conference calls and other work tasks.

“While the kids are shovelling food into their faces, run to your room and get dressed. You work from home so no one cares what you look like but on the off chance that someone comes to the door, pants are probably advisable.”

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