“I went to the beach for a swim because it was such a nice day – but then I felt so guilty that I hadn’t been doing my work”

Working from home on your business can be pretty challenging – isolating, demotivating and distracting. SubUrban Co-Working has created a Meetup for home-based business people to enable them share their learning on how to cope with these challenges, to brainstorm and share ideas on improving the way they do business, to meet some new people and have fun.

We held our second session last week run by professional facilitator Michelle Rush of Participatory Techniques. Here is some of the things we learnt and shared.

A hot topic! participants had a great laugh about how they found all sorts ways to avoid the work they were doing. The wonderful weather we have been having lately was seen as the best distraction! Going swimming instead of doing the marketing and website work that was planned.

The group had a number of suggestions to help with this:
*  try putting work in “blocks” of 2 hours over 4 days rather than a long stint of 8 hours
recognise when you work best – if you work best in the evening, down feel guilty about taking thats time off during the day for a swim. The flexibility is why you chose to work for yourself in the first place!
*  use Toggle.com for timing the work you do on each project/work stream
*  do the easy peasy boring stuff in the time when you are not your sharpest and perhaps you can do something at the same time – like listening to a podcast.

Business Mentoring
One of the participants was looking for some direction in her business and was wondering if mentoring might work for her.

The group made the following suggestions:
* take up the opportunities offered by Te Wananga in Porirua https://www.twoa.ac.nz/ for free business courses. This will help to clarify your business and its market.
* Mentors are available through the Chamber of Commerce for $225/year.

Focused feedback on business ideas
The group gave feedback on two areas for discussion:
* A new business that is being launched called “Wellington Womens’ Connect” – how to get the word out about this? This lead to the suggestion that the group would like a dedicated session on marketing.
* A financial adviser wondered who measured there success on sales rather than profit? This promoted an interesting discussion on looking at accounts regularly to determine what activities made profit.

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Kathleen from SubUrban