Although British politician Boris Johnson has publicly dismissed remote workers as skivers, and many individuals share the belief that working from one’s home would be a dream come true, there are actually significant challenges that arise as a result of this type of arrangement. It is incredibly isolating and deprives one of any real human contact. Recently, research conducted by a Utah university found that this degree of isolation can have alarming consequences for human health, results akin to those that result from alcoholism or long term cigarette smoking. Working from home also makes it harder to stop working even after the hours of a normal workday have long since passed.

Key Takeaways:

  • Millions of people in England practice remote forms of work, and the majority of these are female
  • Home working arrangements can create environments of extreme social isolation for the remote worker
  • Research conducted through a university in Utah discovered that health outcomes for extremely socially isolated people mirror those of alcoholics and long term smokers

“Boris Johnson dubbed it a 'skiver's charter'. But working from home can be seriously bad for your health”

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